Double Deluxe Rooms for Accommodation in Pondicherry

Double Deluxe Rooms for Accommodation in Pondicherry

Double Deluxe Rooms for Accommodation in Pondicherry

For tourists on a budget seeking fantastic and luxurious low-cost hotels in Pondicherry, the Regular Double Deluxe rooms for accommodation in Pondicherry at Hotel Malar Residencey provide the ideal blend of homey comfort and contemporary comforts. The hotel’s rooms are all at least 150 square feet in size and have a comfortable, opulent environment. We work hard to provide you with an unmatched level of comfort at one of the top Pondicherry hotels with first-rate amenities.


This modest, low-cost Hotel is just 1 kilometer from the rocky Promenade Beach on the Bay of Bengal, 1 minute’s walk from the closest bus station, and 2 km from Sri Aurobindo Ashram, where meditation and yoga are practiced. In Pondicherry, the Hotel Malar Residencey is the ideal accommodation for tourists and business people.


The Hotel Malar Residencey’s Double Deluxe rooms for accommodation in Pondicherry come with an attached bathroom. All visitors have access to the fundamental amenities, and those who need more can request them. We want to make sure that our visitors have a good stay with us, so we offer the best amenities and attend to even the tiniest of their demands.

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Places to Visit in Pondicherry

Manakula Vinayagar

The 500-year-old architectural magnificence of the Manakula Vinayagar, which is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, is on display. The Tamil words “Manal,” which means “sand,” and “Kulam,” which means “pond,” are combined to form the temple’s name. The temple is the area’s most historic shrine.

Manakula Vinayagar
Auroville in pondicherry


Auroville is a distinctive municipality created close to Puducherry that is home to a stunning fusion of nationalities, cultures, and linguistic groups. The area, which is only 15 kilometers from Puducherry, has a pleasant stretch of lush greenery and offers its visitors plenty of peace and tranquility.

Aurobindo Ashram

Aurobindo Ashram in pondicherry

Aurobindo Ashram is a site of spiritual worship. The area is a tranquil haven away from the bustle of the outside world because it places a strong emphasis on yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. This ashram has been revered by Mother devotees.

Rock Beach 


A fascinating beach variation is Rock Beach, also known as Promenade Beach. There is a tonne of cafes and restaurants in the neighborhood, and there is a lovely footpath that runs beside the beach.

Rock Beach in Pondicherry
Paradise Beach in pondicherry

Paradise Beach


The pinnacle of spectacular beauty is the Plage Paradiso, often known as Paradise Beach. The route from Pondicherry to the beach is bordered by dense mangrove woods, providing the road with a gorgeous emerald cover, while the lovely beach offers you a serene experience every time you go.

Chunnambur Boathouse

Spend the day boating at the Chunnambur Boathouse near Paradise Beach. You can organize a pleasant small picnic and spend an amazing day by the water about 8 kilometers from Pondicherry.

Chunnambur Boathouse in pondicherry

Botanical Garden

The Puducherry Botanical Garden is home to numerous rare and exotic plant species. Along with the French-style front gate, the park features six exquisite fountains, a sizable aquarium filled with ornamental fish, Japanese rocks, dancing fountains, a lovely children’s train, and more.

Botanical Garden in Pondicherry

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